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Featuring the work of:

Leo Castaneda

Claudio Castillo

Jen Clay

Creation Station

Luke Jenkins

Samuel Lopez de Victoria

Jordan Marty

Michael Namkung in collaboration with Mel Day

Justin Plakas

Peter Symons

Peter Symons in collaboration with Leah Brown

Opening Reception/ArtWalk: Jan 28, 6-10pm

2nd Reception/ArtWalk: Februaray 25, 6-10pm


CTRL (the keyboard abbreviation for “control”) is the exhibition title for this 2017 opening season show in the FATVillage Projects.  Broward New Times’ 2016 “Best Curators of the Year”, Leah Brown and Peter Symons, are joined by independent artist and curator, Samuel Lopez de Victoria to bring together a diverse group of artists who are examining ideas of Control in concept and process, where the use of technology is central to the understanding or implementation of their art. Control, and the lack of it, is a concept that artists across all disciplines wrestle with, but it is of particular interest to the creation and theory of artwork that by its nature, must coexist with the intentions of its user/viewers. For example, some artists are using the format and/or structure of traditional video games to probe the user's sense of control when an avatar represents that user, as well as how games control or manipulate the user into following the game’s internal logic, and the physical controller that connects the human experience to the virtual one.  

Previous years themes have included: “Catalyst”, the art and tech show that launched the series, “Modded”, where artists modified existing technology to create new art experiences and objects, and “Beep Bop Boop”, a recipient of the Broward Cultural Division’s CIP grant, of international artists exploring human connections in the digital age.

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