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Art+Light+Space Experiments

by: Leah Brown and Peter Symons


by Leah Brown and Peter Symons

FATVillage Projects, 523 NW 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale

July 29th 6-10 pm

August 26th 6-10 pm

September 30th 6-10 pm


In 2014, FATVillage curators Leah Brown and Peter Symons teamed up with FATVillage developers Doug McCraw and Lutz Hoffbaur to create the public art and design company, Art+Light+Space, Inc. Public art projects include Tower Lights (City of Fort Lauderdale), Pixel Twist (City of Pembroke Pines), and the Donor Art Walls Series (Broward Health Foundation) among others. Throughout the design and concept phases of each of these and other, upcoming, projects, Brown and Symons have been collaboratively experimenting with light, projection, digital fabrication, programming, and optics. For the first time, these experiments will be exhibited together in an experiential, immersive installation setting.

Works include: video projection into water, optical animations created through color shifting light, video projection onto mist, a human kaleidescope, interactive projections with custom programming and digitally fabricated sculptures.


Leah Brown and Peter Symons are both independent artists as well as the Exhibitions Directors and Curators of the FATVillage Projects in Fort Lauderdale, FL for the past 6 years. Together, they have put on more than 50 major art exhibitions in FATVillage Arts District, and have received funding for the FATVillage 501c3 non-profit from the Knight Foundation, FAB!, Broward County Cultural Division, Whole Foods, the Florida Panthers, the City of Fort Lauderdale among others. They also form the design team of the public art company, Art+Light+Space Inc, which creates socially engaged, technology-driven artworks for permanent public settings.


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