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Game Show

Curated by Leah Brown and Peter Symons


Game Show is a highly interactive exhibition of local and national artists’ works that are incorporating the notions of either competitive or critical play.  In the 20th Century, artists working with Dada, Surrealism and Fluxus made games to express new ways of interacting with the world and each other. Their games were both a means of accessing creativity and the creative endpoint. In the 21st Century, artists are still drawing on these traditions of games with a twist, and finding new meaning in the act of play from adult perspectives. From the alternate, virtual, reality of the world of the Sims, to a monumental paper airplane, to an opportunity for participants to smash antiques with a suspended bowling ball, Game Show offers viewers the chance to look critically at notions of play through the eyes of artists.  

Game Show Artists:


Ryan Farrell

Christian Feneck

Mark Franz and Shane Mecklenburger

Adrienne Rose Gionta

Donna Haynes

Catalina Jaramillo and Luke Jenkins

John “Jack” McNulty and Elaine Scantlen

Ben Morey

Aaron Oldenburg

Annette Piskel

Opening Reception:
May 31st from 7-11 pm
Closing Reception:
June 28th from 7-10 pm 
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