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Incurvatus In Se:
 a solo show by Christopher Ian MacFarlane
in FAR Gallery (formerly BOX Contemporary) 
Ocober 29 - Dec 8, 2016

Incurvatus In Se, (latin for “curving in on itself”), is a solo show by Christopher Ian MacFarlane of new paintings and animations of his iconic figures. These works show influence of early 90’s animation as well as futurism and the works are often grotesque, poignant and humorous. Macfarlane is a self-taught visual artist with a prolific body of work in painting, sculpture, murals and animation. Macfarlane's tongue and cheek drawings, painting, cardboard and animatronics sculptures are inspired by 90's cartoons, his family, and overcoming boredom of everyday life. MacFarlane is a 2016 Broward New Times’ “Best Visual Artist”. See more of his work at

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