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Nocturnes II

Curated by Leah Brown and Peter Symons

The border between FAT Village and Mictlán, the Aztec land of the dead, is thin each November 2nd as revelers remember and honor their deceased at the South Florida Day of the Dead Festival. This free to the public, festive celebration combines traditional and modern interpretations of Mexican Día de los Muertos traditions for a truly unique spectacle! The time treasured customs of a skeleton procession and the making of Ofrenda altars for deceased loved ones is complimented with the thought provoking “Nocturnes” fine art exhibit curated by Peter Symons and Leah Brown. Featured artists included: Grant Bloodgood, Leah Brown, Rory Carracino, Joshua Davis, Ryan Farrell, Christian Fenneck, Georgetta Fondos, Donna Haynes, Chris Kuonen and Peter Symons.

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