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Julia Oldham

The Nocturnes series is an annual theme, where each October, FATVillage curators Leah Brown and Peter Symons bring together a group exhibition of contemporary artists in themes touching on the supernatural. Previous themes have included “Hyperstition”, in which artists explored notions of reality of the intangible, “Monstrous Strange”, in which the artists created renditions of the monsters they struggle with, from the personal to the societal and political, and most recently, “The Second Life of Trees”, where the exhibition was imagined as artworks made from the wood of an enchanted forest that had been cut down, resulting in a new kind of forest of powerful and strange, wooden sculptural installations. Now in their sixth year presenting the Nocturnes series, Brown and Symons are returning to one of the enduring original inspirations of traditional autumnal mythologies: Ofrendas. Ofrendas are the Dia de los Muertos tradition of creating temporary altars to honor departed loved ones.   For Nocturnes VI: The Lost and Found, the artworks do not resemble traditional Ofrendas, but rather push their concepts and media to include performance, video, site specificity and interactivity.

Opening Receptions: Sat, Oct 29, 6- 10pm
Day of the Dead Special Viewing: Nov 2nd, 8 – 10pm
2nd Receptions: Nov 26, 6-10 pm
Martin Casuso
Tricia Cooke
Giannina Dwin
Shannon Ellis
John English
Georgeta Fondos
Bonney Goldstein
Donna Haynes
Allison Kotzig
Tina La Porta
Anna Meier
The Glittering Macabre
Julia Oldham
Lisa Rockford
Tyler K. Smith
Chad Stayrook
and Karla Walter.

Nocturnes VI: The Lost and Found

Curated by: Leah Brown and Peter Symons

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